Jumat, 23 November 2018

Sustainable Development Goals - Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation for All

1.      Why we choose this topic?

We are students, let’s do the easy thing that we can do everyday. As you know, lately, our country experiencing the dry season. The effect of the dry season affecting to inadequate of water supply, sanitation, and the hygiene of water. Unfortunately, more than 2 billion people are living with the risk of reduced access to fresh water resources.

  • Each day, nearly 1000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation related to diarrhea diseases.
  • At least 892 million people continue to practice open defecation.
  • Water shortages can affect 50 billion people by 2050.
2.      What can we do?

            There are a lot of simple actions that we as individuals or a community group can take to use water wisely. We know that water are limited and precious, but most of us didn’t think about water. So, here’s the actions that we can do to change our bad habits into good habits.
  • Starts reducing waste and thinking about the water we all use.
  • Close the tap if we don’t use it.
  • Plant the three and save the forest to increase quality of water sanitation.
On a big scale, government can provide a requirement for full cost recovery on water tariffs, cost-share on water reuse and rainwater harvesting systems.

3.      Impact for Us

  •   We spread the happiness.
  •  We contributing ourselves for the earth future.
  • Reduce the impact of global warming.
  •  Having a healthy life.

Passive Voice
Active Voice

Minggu, 07 Oktober 2018

English - Text


            Youtube is a mass media platform that provides a variety of interesting content in the form of videos published by various individuals and other institutions. Youtube is very popular among young generation and even had the 8th position as the most popular mass media platform in 2016. The content which is provided by Youtube is not always in the form of video, there is also live streaming provided, so young people can access other people's activities via Youtube. 

Beside that, Youtube platform also has many positive and negative impacts. Positive effects from Youtube itself is, the platform provides various videos with topics in the form of subject material, procedures for doing something, music videos from famous artist, learning English and other language, videos of someone who teaches school material, and so on.

Unfortunately, the Youtube platform also has a bad influence on young generation. Sometimes, the video provided contains explicit discussion and violates the rules. For example, videos of demonstrations practice and mass violence watched by small children can affect the child’s psychic, their memory records all the bad things they saw, so it was feared that one day they would practice what they saw. The young generation is feared to be lazy to learn, waste their money on the availability of internet connections, and watch explicit content that is clearly dangerous.

            The only way out of the problem is to be wise about the needs, obey the rules and norms that apply. Basically, humans have a conscience that leads them to behave and speak appropriately. Adult supervision is needed, but everything must be started from yourself, not the encouragement of others. 

So for the negative effect, try using some reminders such as alarms or sticky notes attached to the computer screen. Or we can ask our parents to remind us after a certain period of time. Little things like that can actually help us to get rid of bad habits little by little.

So, we must follow the times and technology by contributing using Youtube wisely, considering the many benefits of Youtube platform. But we must also remain cautious and instill in ourself that we have many other rights and obligations that must be done.

Selasa, 25 September 2018

Analyze of Invitation Letter

Image taken from : http://bankofinfo.com/sample-invitation-letter-for-a-retirement-party/

Purpose                       : To invite J. Smith to attend the retirement party for Mr. A. Dowie, ex-principal of CSE Department.

Greeting                      : Dear J. Smith.

Contain                       : We thank him for trying to build the university among the top-ranked private university in the country. In order to say an official ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a calm retired life, a goodbye dinner is planned by the university administration. You and your spouse have all invited to elegance this occasion and convey your best wishes to Dr. D in person.

Date    `                       : 14 March 2016

Time                            : Dinner Time

Place                            : Queens Hotel, 35 Johnson tJm, pinks ton, Ontario.

Signature                     : Warmest regards, Mr. F.

Kind Of Invitation      : Informal Invitation